In february a journey is planned to Carcassonne in the south of France since I wrote my first song in French about a witch in Carcassonne. She was burned, as many woman and also man, in Carcassonne during the time of the peste as being guilty of all the deaths....


In spring of 23 I went to Andalusië, Sevilla, Ronda and Cordoba and it turned out that I gave a few concerts there with my own songs. It was together with an Italian poet and a soloconcert. Inspired by flamenco and the Andalusian culture some new songs came up. To be sung later in Holland during the monthly concerts in de Penninckshuis in Deventer. It was an inspiring journey.....


In october of '23 I went again and gave an intimate concert in Sevilla which was very beautiful. Further I traveled to Ronda again, met the people, writing songs and will come back....


In January 2019 I made a musical journey to Belgrade, Serbia, in search of authentic Slavic songs, inspired by the songs sing by Laboratorium Piesni. It leaded among others to meetings with Branko Potkonjak and Spomenca Milic, journalist. With Branko Potkonjak I recorded the quit famous song Ajde Jano, to my surprise not a melancholic song as I regurlarly sing, but a vivid melody. 

All together 4 journeys were made to Serbia during the years.


Spomenca Milic, journalist published an interview in the magazine Trece Oko, February 12th 2019.


Below the song Ajde Jano, Marjoline Kampinga - Branko Potkonjak


After 2019 I went several times to Serbia, on holiday to travel and explore the country and also for musical journey.


In 2020 I went in february for example and met Dragana Zunac. We sang songs together like Tri devojce, the three sisters (you tube) and Jovano Jovanka.


Later in summer 2021 we met again and I was able to meet the beautiful Ogrlica od bisera, a womans choir with Jasmina Milanovic conducting. There were beautiful musical meetings and friends where I could stay and showed me the country.


So, for my own memories: I went in february 2019, summer 2019, febr/march 2020 en summer 2021.