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langzame blues


Dm   am 

I was like an angel

Flying high

Flying high in the air.                      2x


Did you know what I saw

As an angel flying high up in the sky ?       2x

Flying down high.


I saw whispers

Whispers of the souls overthere

High in the air                                  2x


(I know they were there)


On four corners they were there

Lying in my bed


Suddenly silence

Knowing that he was there a soul a person

Not between the living anymore


(I know who he was)


Four angels around me

Four thousand angels around


No talking/conversation no words


The light was coming down

The light was making a path

The light was making a path of guidance

For the soul going up.




And then coming down

Landing on the floor.



Vijdag na hemelvaart 26 mei 2017